Japan Commission on Large Dams (JCOLD) aims to encourage advances of technologies in
planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of dams and their associated civil
works including hydropower facilities. And through its activities, JCOLD aims also
contributing to the development of the Japanese economy and the international cooperation.
Recently, JCOLD activities are extended to subjects of current concerns such as dam aging,
environmental impact, economic analysis and river basin development and water

 An important point of JCOLD’s role is to be the contact point for the interchange of
information on dams with foreign countries in addition to above-mentioned roles.
JCOLD is providing the information on the advanced technologies and environmental
measures on dams and reservoirs in Japan to overseas countries and at same time to introduce
the same in foreign countries to Japanese people.

 JCOLD is an incorporated association legally registerd, and comprises 76 corporate
members such as institutions and organizations related to dams, electric power companies,
consultant companies, construction companies and so on, as of Apr, 2011.

 “JCOLD is a member of International Commission on Large Dams since 1931,while it has
been interrupted during 1944 to 1953 due to the Second War”