Symposium Oral Session Program



The Symposium will be held on September 27th & 28th at the Hotel Royton Sapporo.
JCOLD invites professionals, managers and decision makers from the international dam community to participate in an international symposium organized as part of the 4th APG and 9th EADC from September 26 to 30, 2016.

Papers are invited on the topics listed below.

Innovative Technologies for Dams and Reservoirs Toward the Future Generations

① Innovative Technologies of Dams – Abstract registration is closed

② Extending Service Life of Dams – Abstract registration is closed

③ Dam Safety and Risk Management – Abstract registration is closed

④ Dam Climate change and Dam Strategies – Abstract registration is closed

The Symposium will be organized so as to give as much time to speakers for discussions.
To stimulate discussion on the oral presentations, experts will be asked to present the latest developments in their field of expertise and to give his/her views on the key issues raised.

Papers will be presented orally by authors or postered in the lobby adjacent to the Conference hall.

The official language will be English only. The participants are required to register to the 4th APG and 9th EADC.